Innovation Resources

To further assist you in familiarization with the General Theory of Innovation (GTI), its theoretical aspects and practical capabilities, we have created this page. It contains links to papers that present GTI  perspectives on various aspects of innovation or the surrounding reality. You are free to download these papers. Please email us if you have further questions.

  1. Innovation as a Science
    This paper is a few pages long popularized introduction to GTI.
  2. Strategic Innovation
    This is an introductory article to the subject of Strategic Innovation as well as to the Design for Advantage™ methodology, which is aimed at consistent creation of Strategic Innovations.
  3. Transforming a Manufacturing Company into the Recession-Proof Enterprise
    This paper introduces the concept of innovation omnipresence throughout the product life-cycle and clearly shows that innovation is applicable even to those companies that have no say over the design of products and services.