Our Services

Our Services Either Will Achieve Your Objectives and KPI, or They Are Provided for Free

“Your satisfaction is guaranteed” is the foundation of everything we do while serving you. To affirm this dedication to our customers’ success in the simplest terms, we put our money where our mouth is. Explore what we can do for you and know in advance that your risk of working with us is minimal. We are grateful for your trust and consideration!


By being the only scientific theory of innovation with prescriptive and predictive capabilities, GTI enables a very structured, robust, and repeatable approach to innovation that promises great results with a low level of risk. For example, due to the power of GTI, our innovation projects success rate exceeds 98 percent. You can achieve the same results!

To address your innovation-related challenges in an effective and efficient manner, IPI offers the following services. 

  • Innovation Training
    Innovation training programs are commended when you seek knowledge about the GTI processes and tools and want to develop your staff’s skills in applying them for long-term benefits of the company.
  • Innovation Certification
    The Innovation Certification offering is designed for those seeking to develop and prove complete proficiency in the realm of innovation. We offer two different certification programs: a comprehensive IPI Innovation Certification and a specialized IPI Strategic Innovation Certification.
  • Innovation Consulting
    The Innovation Consulting service is recommended when a company faces a challenge and needs immediate and specific results. Our Project team will work with you to develop a solution that satisfies all the preset by you success criteria.
  • Building Innovation Capability
    This service is designed to assist those companies that seek to build an organization-wide “On-Demand Innovation” capability defined as the capability to develop the RIGHT Solution to the RIGHT Problem at the RIGHT Time EVERY Time. 

Often, our services are provided in cooperation with our local partners who are members of our Global IPI Innovation Network. In addition of being certified by IPI to practice GTI, their knowledge of local markets is an important asset for providing high-quality service to you!