Your Challenge

Do You Have a Tough Challenge that Has to Be Solved?

The science of innovation will help – it reverses the odds of success in your favor!

While the nature of your specific situation is unique, the true underlying challenge of every innovation project is the same. It does not consist in finding and perfectly implementing a new idea, but in finding a new GREAT idea (the RIGHT solution) that will succeed, as a perfect execution of a novel yet WRONG solution brings nothing but waste! According to Clayton Christensen (Harvard), only 24 percent of corporate innovation projects do not lose money. You have to reverse the odds in your favor to be consistently successful!

The emergence of the General Theory of Innovation (GTI), the only scientific theory of innovation with prescriptive and predictive capabilities, has solved this challenge. Moreover, GTI has enabled the formulation of innovation best practices that are at the foundation of Nine Step-by-Step Methodologies that are designed to address various business challenges. These methodologes have benefited many well-known organizations since 1992 and proved their capability to deliver consistenly successful results.

GTI Methodologies work for any market and can be applied to a man-made system of any scope and degree of complexity:

  • Part
  • Assembly
  • Product
  • Operation / procedure
  • Process stage
  • Process
  • Service
  • Department
  • Organization / company
  • Industry
  • Etc.

From the list on the left, please feel free to explore how GTI can help your challenge!