New Product / Service

Situation Description

Every company has to renew its offerings on the continual basis to satisfy ever-changing requirements of the market. Therefore, the situation that warrants this application of GTI manifests itself in the need of creating/determining future generations of products/services. Additionally, the same approach is perfectly suited for creating new products and services, which have not been a part of a company’s offerings portfolio in the past.

GTI Approach

The GTI approach to solving this challenge is based on the fact that the evolution of products and services (and other man-made systems) is governed by a set of Natural Laws, which predetermine the overall direction of future advancements. By using this knowledge, a company can reliably identify in advance where the evolution of the market will proceed, which enables a better
decision-making regarding the development of future generations of products and
services as well as enabling technologies.

The GTI Forecasting™ was tested multiple times with Fortune 500 clients and showed its great effectiveness. To ensure robust performance, the GTI Forecasting™ methodology has multiple unique tools and techniques, among them:

  • The Laws of Evolution
  • The Evolutionary Templates™ (aka Evolutionary Patterns)
  • Problem Solving tools and techniques
  • Etc.

Major Benefits

The GTI Forecasting™ methodology delivers the following major benefits

  • Competitive advantage comparing to uninformed rivals
  • Superior decision-making due to advanced knowledge of the future of the market evolution
  • Much higher ROI
  • More effective R&D
  • Etc.

To address this challenge, the Institute of Professional Innovators offers:

  • Training in the form of a seminar (when you study the how-to of the methodology, including the processes and tools), or a workshop (when you solve your challenge while studying the methodology)
  • Consulting (we solve your challenge, which requires the minimal amount of your involvement in the process)

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