Patents Blockade

Situation Description

Every company seeks competitive advantage, and Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the means to achieve this goal. IP either protects a company’s exclusive rights to conduct business when the company holds patents and blocks competition from entering  a market segment or, in the opposite case, IP blocks a company from entering a lucrative opportunity, if the IP is owned by its rivals. Therefore, the situation that warrants this application of GTI manifests itself in the need of

  • Creating the Patent Blockade to protect an advantage by preventing the rivals from exploiting a business opportunity, OR
  • Destroying / Piercing the Patent Blockade erected by the rivals thereby enabling a company to seize an opportunity

GTI Approach

GTI Competitive Intellectual Property Management™ (CIPM™) methodology is based on the fact that every patent represents a solution to a problem of a system. Therefore, by applying GTI analytical tools and techniques, one can always find an alternative solution to the same problem, or/and an alternative problem for achieving the same goal. This would destroy a rival’s patent blockade. On the contrary, when protection of one’s strategic position is required, advanced identification of all the possible alternatives enables erection of the patent blockade.

GTI Competitive Intellectual Property Management™ (CIPM™) methodology has multiple unique tools and techniques to ensure robust performance, among them:

  • A step-by-step process of analyzing a claimed (or a to-be-claimed) system
  • A product claim modeling technique
  • A process claim modeling technique
  • Rules for identifying alternative problems (8 rules for a product-based claim and 8 rules for a method/process-based claim)
  • Evolutionary Templates™ (aka Evolutionary Patterns)
  • Problem Solving tools and techniques
  • Etc.

Major Benefits

GTI Competitive Intellectual Property Management™ (CIPM™) methodology delivers the following major benefits

  • High effectiveness of the analysis results (the probability of destroying a patent blockade exceeds 95 percent)
  • High ROI
  • Comprehensiveness of the analysis
  • The process robustness and repeatability
  • Etc.

To address this challenge, the Institute of Professional Innovators offers:

  • Training in the form of a seminar (when you study the how-to of the methodology, including the processes and tools), or a workshop (when you solve your challenge while studying the methodology)
  • Consulting (we solve your challenge, which requires the minimal amount of your involvement in the process)

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